Avoid technological abuses and threats with the best lawyer advices

Technology is sprawling rapidly over last few years and so are the crimes related to it. Where at one side technology have facilitated the people in many ways, there has also increased the violence. Dubai, the economic hub has also got affected with the same and facing a lot of technological violence and threats. Use of internet, social media, mobile phones, computers, and surveillance devices have lead people to experience technology abuse. This calls for a safety measure which can only be achieved through an expert advice. According to the law firms in Dubai if anyone is found guilty there are strict laws for it and immediate actions are taken over it.

Law firms in UAE

Finding the best law firms in Dubai is very important in order to get a credible lawyer for an expert advice. Only an experienced lawyer can handle the law and orders perfectly and provide you with excellent solutions. Employing a lawyer can help you avoid getting into trouble due to criminal behaviors. Some of the common criminal behaviors are:

  • Calling numerous times to the person’s mobile. These are the unwanted calls to bully an individual.
  • Using social media ( Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc.) or text messaging facility to abuse and threaten the people. Abusing their family members or threatening them to share their intimate pictures are also some of the common crimes.
  • Discovering information about an individual by hacking into a person’s email or social media account. Hacking is also done to impersonate anyone.
  • Using surveillance devices to spy or stalk the person.

These types of criminals are divided into three categories

  1. Those who hack others account just for the fun are considered the Minor hackers.
  2.    Those who have a great knowledge of technology world and its methods and use them for gaining financial profits, they are considered as the Criminals.
  3. And lastly, those who take revenge on someone through the internet world are considered the Malevolent.

Any kind of misuse of the technology for harassing people comes under crime and to deal with these acts UAE has introduced Federal Decree No 5 of 2012 (cyber crime law). This includes strict punishments which can also be a life sentence or a fine depending on the severity of the crime admitted.

If you get into any of such situations then SM Law firm in Dubai is the best place if you are seeking for a professional assistance. They have the expertise lawyers who have a good knowledge about technological crimes and can easily deal with these and other cases as well.


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