Some quick facts about aluminium

Over the last few decades, aluminium has become one of the most extensively used metal in various industries. According to Dubai aluminium company limited, it is the second most used metal after steel. It is found in almost every household, store, industry, etc. But how many of us really know about the metal? How many of us are aware of its uses? Just few would be the answer.

This article is for all those who like to know about aluminium. Here are some quick facts about it:

Dubai Aluminium company

Dubai Aluminium company


  • The earth’s crust comprises of 8% aluminium. This means the metal is the 3rd most common metal available.
  • It is a non-magnetic metal and this makes it most suitable metal for certain applications.
  • Aluminium is known for being lightweight. This is because of its density of the metal, it is only one-third that of steel. However, the metal is also extremely durable.
  • The metal isn’t easily soluble in water. This makes the metal weather-resistant, resistant to exposure with common gases, and other liquids.
  • It is non-toxic and this makes it ideal for use in the kitchen and to store eatables. We can find several aluminum utensils. Aluminium is also used for food packaging in the form of cans and foils.
  • It blocks bacteria, oxygen and light. The qualities which make it beneficial for pharmaceutical use like packing.
  • It is extremely strong and can be used as a strong alternative of strength.
  • The metal and its alloys are extensively used in the auto manufacturing and transportation industry, aerospace industry, packaging, construction, etc.
  • It is also used as a compound that is used for manufacturing
  • Aluminum is also used as a compound to manufacturing paints, deodorants, antacids, etc.
  • Aluminum is also used as a component that acts as a catalyst in explosives. This elevates explosive capabilities.
  • It is extremely reflective and this makes it extremely useful for interiors.

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