Branches of Dentistry

Dentistry, in general, involves the study of the oral cavity and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of related diseases affecting the area. Oral health is a very important aspect of human health as it directly affects the daily activities of a human being such as eating, drinking, talking and the direct physical appearance. For more information related to oral health and its various implications visit

This branch of medicine is usually classified into various categories depending on the specifications of the related study. Let’s see what each of these classification deals with.

Oral Medicine

It completely focuses on the mouth. The orofacial region which includes the mouth and the lower face are the affected regions in this branch. It involves the detection, prevention and treatments of diseases such as Behcets Disease, leukoplakias, dry mouth conditions, etc.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

It involves the various surgeries and treatments of the diseases that affect the mouth, jaw, head, neck and face. This study develops a specialist surgeon to take care of the diseases affecting the oral region. They further specialise in cosmetic facial surgery, craniofacial surgery, maxillofacial regeneration, etc.

Paediatric Dentistry

These dentists specialise in the dental problems of children from their birth through their adolescence. They are important to a child’s oral health since these dentists are the ones who take care of those little tooth decays and helps to develop proper brushing habits and diet schedules to maintain good oral health for growing children.

Branches of Dentistry

Branches of Dentistry

Minimal intervention dentistry

This one is actually a modern dental practice. It aims at preserving as much of the natural structure as possible and erasing all the various causes that end up causing tooth decay.First, the disease is cured, then the basic structure gets restored yet only by filling up where it’s absolutely necessary and finally implementing prevention measures to protect from future dental carries.


It’s not just teeth; diseases can even affect the related structures such as the gums, alveolar bone, and cementum.


Its main region of focus is the dental pulp. The very common root canal therapy is one such procedure developed from this study. It also involves treatment of cracked teeth and dental trauma.


This one focuses on dental prostheses which are the artificial intraoral devices that are used by dentists. Dentures, orthodontic appliance, dental implants are the few examples of dental prostheses.


Malpositioned teeth and jaws is a common natural disease that occurs in a lot of people. Orthodontics mainly deals with correcting such defects by following methods like braces, retainers, etc.

Oral pathology

Causes and effects are the major concern here. Studying in detail about the underlying causeof different diseases affecting the oral region is very important to understand the disease.                          

Preventive dentistry

This branch is basedon the good old principle that, “Prevention is better than cure”. It involves the study of practices that enhances the overall oral health of a person thereby helping to prevent gum diseases, cavities, enamel wear, etc. Daily routines like brushing, cleaning,etc. are the few techniques used.

Dento-maxillofacial radiology

Radiology and Radiography techniques and equipment which are relevant to both the oral and maxillofacial region are studied under this.