The Diary of an Enlightened Consumer


We live in a time where flaunting branded products with powerful names is considered as a yardstick of modernization and elitism. But in today’s date and age, truly enlightened are those who have mastered the art of ‘smart-purchasing’ (read: purchasing quality and exquisite products which are wallet-friendly at the same time.)

With respect to flooring options, many households and firms now look for laminated floorings ideas in Dubai, America, and are experimenting a great deal by ditching the usual marble-tile approach and going for laminated floorings to create a look of uniqueness which they can boast about in front of family and friends.

The following is a brief take on the ‘smart-purchase’ decisions that one should make while considering laminated flooring options:

1)     Are you both compatible?

Jot down the list of the pros and cons.

  • DO NOT go for laminated floorings if the area is going to get wet frequently. Water is it’s Achilles heel.
  • Again, proper care should be taken to clean the laminated surface or else the surface wear layer will slowly start eroding over time.
  • Pros will include reasonable pricing of the flooring.
Laminated flooring Dubai

Laminated flooring Dubai

2) Go crazy with the internet: Everything is at the tip of your fingers so explore each and every option out there. Check out various online portals. You will get tons of quality information. Take note of details such as thickness, color, finish, warranty, brand, etc. but refrain from online shopping. Ask for samples from the retail stores to understand the flooring under the natural/artificial light.

3) Find out the places offering expertise and versatility: Compare the quality of flooring companies both local and international offering the best options. You can also look into the various laminated flooring options of companies in Dubai with amazing options in websites so as to get a basic idea of the trends in the flooring business.

4) Ask for the bottom line price- Be firm in your assertion that you are comparing prices and would like the information about the bottom line price right from the start. Make sure they are aware of your budget before going into further details.

Keep in mind the above few facts and secrets and save yourself from getting tricked into the vicious trap of the cunning retailers. Hope you and your abode live happily ever after!