Top 4 most popular plastic surgeries

Plastic surgery seems to be an ideal option for those who are not very happy with their looks. In the past few years, there has been a lot of excitement but plastic surgery in both men and women. Plastic surgery in Dubai has become very popular among people of all ages. From movie celebrities to common people, almost everybody is interested in plastic surgery.

Here is a list of the most popular plastic surgery in Dubai

Liposuction: this is immensely popular among both men and women. The surgery is done to remove fat from the body through the insertion of a tube in the targeted area. Once the tube goes inside the fat is sucked out. the surgery has different methods to it and the right method is chosen by the surgeon.

Breast augmentation and lifts: This is a surgery performed to give a new shape to the breasts. With the surgery, the breasts look more round and beautiful. It is done through the use of silicone implants. This surgery is highly popular among models and actors. It is also preferred by patients who have their breasts removed because breast cancer surgery.

Plastic surgery in Dubai

Plastic surgery in Dubai

Facelift: This surgery is popular among women who like to hide their aging. The surgery to remove wrinkles and sagging of skin, to give a youthful look. The surgeon will enhance the face by making it firm and free of folds.

Tummy tuck: This types of cosmetic surgery is more popular among young mothers and men who have lost excess fat but have a sagging stomach. The process lets you have a flat and beautiful tummy.

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