How to Make the Best Coffee


Do you know everything there is to know about making coffee or are you just good at drinking it? If you are the latter than you probably don’t care about the coffee making process however, if you have ever had to make your own cup of brew, then knowing how to make a great cup of coffee is a must for you. Did you know that one of the most asked questions regarding coffee is whether or not to freeze the coffee beans? According to an article, the best time to freeze your coffee beans is as soon as you grind them. Once the whole coffee beans are ground, the aroma and freshness immediately starts escaping the coffee grounds leaving you with a less aroma tasting cup of coffee. The idea is to flash freeze the freshly ground coffee as soon as the grinding process is complete. By freezing it right away, you are preserving that freshness from escaping. According to The National Coffee Association, the biggest threats to coffee beans are: light, moisture, air, and heat. If you are serious about your coffee beans than you must maximum freshness. One way to guarantee that you will always have fresh beans is to store your coffee beans in an opaque air tight container. The reason being that as soon as your coffee beans are exposed to light and heat they become void of taste and even bitter. Therefore; it is vital that you keep your beans away from sources of heat and light in order to maximize the freshness levels. Also, coffee beans are like sponges, they absorb everything around it. So, if you do decide to store it in the fridge or freezer, be sure that it is in an air-tight container minimizing the bad taste you get from the freezer.

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